Colonial House, Inc – COVID-19 Information

We are closely following information and recommendations provided by the Centers for Disease Control and local public health authorities to ensure the health and safety of all who are a part of Colonial House, Inc.

Some of our current measures include:

  1. We continue to screen prospective clients for current symptoms and recent close contacts or travel that put them at higher risk for COVID-19. Individuals who are at high risk for having COVID-19 are quickly identified and reviewed on an individualized basis prior to admission.
  2. In order to better protect everyone’s health and safety, all Colonial House staff are now required to wear facial coverings when on-site. Colonial House has provided our staff with procedural masks. Homemade cloth masks are permitted if desired, but procedural masks are encouraged for optimal protection.
  3. For all staff and clients, we are actively promoting the critical importance of regular hand washing for 20 seconds with soap and water, proper coughing and sneezing etiquette, and avoiding touching your face to reduce transmission of COVID-19. We have also provided alcohol free hand sanitizer throughout our facilities to ensure easy access to hand cleansing.
  4. Since March, all our outpatient services are being conducted virtually using the TeleHealth platform for groups and individual sessions.
  5. We continue to use a controlled single entry and exit at each site where all staff are screened daily for symptoms and have their temperatures taken when entering the facility. Staff are encouraged to remain home if they feel sick. If they present to work appearing ill or develop illness while at work, they are immediately sent home.
  6. We have advised staff when they arrive home at the end of their shift to wash their hands, wash their clothing, shower and change into clean clothes to reduce the risk of viral transmission.
  7. All cleaning products have been reviewed for effectiveness against COVID 19 and additional products have been added for use.
  8. The supply chain for necessary cleaning supplies and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is constantly reviewed and inventory of items is monitored to ensure adequate supplies at each location.

We are optimistic that the measures we have put in place will help ensure the health and safety of our clients, families, visitors and staff. We are continually updating our communications to be certain the most up-to-date information is provided. If you have suggestions, questions or concerns, please let us know. Colonial House is your partner in the fight against COVID-19 and addiction.