Our Mission Statement:

Colonial House, Inc. strives to be proactive in the treatment and recovery of those impacted by the destructive nature of substance use disorders.

Our Value Statement:

Colonial House adheres to the highest level of ethical and professional standards while providing a safe and nurturing environment.

Client Testimonials:

“I feel my counselor was hand-picked for me. I am confident with what I learned in our sessions that I will be able to continue to grow. Staff was always helpful.” — T.

“I grew close to my counselor and have a strong bond of trust. All staff were very friendly, helpful, and always smiling.” — S.

“I had a good open and honest relationship with my counselor which forced me to be honest with myself.” — D.

“Staff was easy going and relaxed which made it easy to approach.” — L.

“My counselor went above and beyond any counselor I ever had or even imagined. Thank you!” — A.

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