Philosophy of Treatment

Colonial House, Inc adheres to the highest level of ethical and professional standards and is committed to providing professional care in a safe, nurturing environment utilizing evidenced based practices.

The primary responsibility of Colonial House is to provide a transitional, supportive and therapeutic environment in home-like setting for any chemical dependent person meeting the admission criteria, who needs and wants help in learning to live without chemicals, and who wants to return to normal community living.

As a non-profit, fee for service, treatment facility, Colonial House seeks alternative sources of funding whenever possible.

The single most important element in our treatment program is a united and dedicated staff, whose attitude towards the philosophy and treatment of chemically dependent people are the following:

  1. To help the chemically dependent see that they can have recovery and live healthy and productive lives.
  2. To encourage self-involvement in an ongoing program of recovery through traditional and non-traditional pathways which include 12-step sober support.
  3. To help residents realize that the final responsibility for recovery rests with the chemically dependent person.
  4. To help residents realize that responsibility is reality and reality is responsibility.