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Outpatient Programs

Colonial House, Inc. offers numerous programs for outpatient treatment. Group sessions are organized for individuals who have abused substances and for those struggling with dependency, including gender specific group therapy. Couples/family sessions can also be scheduled according to the need of the client.

Assessments are offered at affordable rates. To arrange for an assessment, please call the Outpatient facility Monday-Friday between the hours of 9:00am and 5:00pm at (717)-843-8444.

All inquiries are handled with strict confidentiality to preserve anonymity and to ensure the protected rights of the client and family.

i_op_relapse Relapse Prevention Track

This is a didactic and process group for clients to learn how to identify their own triggers and develop prosocial coping skills to better handle those situations. This group also includes healthy discussions of day to day stresses that lead to relapse. By the end of the program, the client will have learned warning signs, triggers, and other negative influences and how to prevent relapse from occurring by developing their personalized relapse prevention plan.

  • 1 group session a week for 12 weeks.
  • 1 individual session weekly to biweekly
  • Offered in morning or evening
  • Co-ed group

 i_op_general-education General Education Classes

These classes are provided for individuals who may not meet criteria for needing treatment, however, are in need for some basic education on the disease of addiction based on high risk behaviors he or she may be displaying. The sessions are held weekly for 4 weeks, at the end of which a certificate is presented.

i_op_individual Individual only

There are times when a group setting may not be deemed appropriate for a client for a specific reason. If this is the case, the client will only be placed in weekly individual sessions for 6 weeks to longer, depending on the treatment needs. We take careful consideration in placing clients with their individual counselor to ensure the best treatment match possible.

i_op_intensive-outpatient Intensive Outpatient

This program is a 6 week intensive outpatient program that holds group 3 times per week for 2.5 hours per session. Individual sessions are held once per week during this time, as well. This is a didactic and process group for clients to learn about themselves and establish their recovery. An educational focus on the science of addiction, stages of change, relationships, supports, feelings identification, and self-care assist the client in learning how their addiction kept them and how to break the cycle of use. Upon completion of the IOP program, the client will step down to a relapse prevention or gender specific track which consists of 1 group session per week and weekly to biweekly individual sessions which will last for 12-24 weeks.

  • 2-3 group sessions per week for 6-9 weeks
  • 1 individual session weekly
  • Offered in morning or evening
  • Co-ed group

i_op_seeker-group Seekers Group

This group is for clients who willing to use other pathways to recovery that involves the foundations of a 12-step program, rather than using traditional Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Codependent Anonymous, Celebrate Recovery, Smart Recovery, etc. This group is for clients whom have completed a Relapse Prevention Group and have the skills of the Relapse Prevention but need to apply to their lives. The clients will explore their internal emotions, triggers, thoughts, etc. This group meets one time weekly for group and have one individual session weekly or bi-weekly depending on the need of the client.