Inpatient Program

Our program is designed to aid chemically dependent people who require more time and structure to develop the skills and resources necessary to maintain recovery. A full treatment schedule consists of daily group therapy, individual counseling, family consults, lectures and workshops, and relapse prevention.

Clients are given the opportunity to develop an understanding of how to use 12 step sober support.  Clients are also given the opportunity to begin working on 12 step recovery process while working through the stumbling blocks of early recovery.  This process is incorporated in the daily structured counseling environment.

i_ip_12step  12 Step Program

Clients can begin using the 12 step recovery process and work through the stumbling blocks of early recovery, while still in a structured counseling environment. Clients are also encouraged to take advantage of other pathways to recovery by using other community based sober supports, such as, Refudge Recovery, celebrate recovery, ex-offenders group, coda, etc. 

At 60 day mark the clients can become eligible for what is called sober support.  This is when the clients can set up a day in the week, with a sober supportive member in the community to take them to a meeting alone.  They get an opportunity to fellowship and make connections prior to them leaving.

i_ip_relapse  Relapse Prevention Training

Relapse Prevention Training is offered weekly and based on Evidenced Based Program.  The client will learn symptoms and warning sign recognition and the importance of utilizing a support group.  The clients will learn what they need to be aware of and how to prevent relapse from happening. 

i_ip_indiv-counseling  Individual Counseling

Individual Counseling sessions are mandatory at least one time a week. However, should the counselor conclude the need, additional sessions will be scheduled. 

i_ip_group-therapy  Group Therapy

These groups are held by the clients’ individual counselor 4 times a week. On average, a small group consists of 8 members. The smaller size of these groups promotes an atmosphere of closeness, a higher trust level and encourages more risk taking. It also allows for peer input. We also have separate groups that focus on the TREM (Trauma Recovery Empowerment Model) one day per week. 

i_ip_family-support  Family Support and Involvement

Family members are encouraged to meet with loved ones and their counselor during their stay at Colonial House. We also offer a family educational group.

i_ip_education Psycho-Educational

This part of the client’s experience at Colonial House is in the form of films, tapes, reading assignments, lectures and other interaction within the community. Daily education group sessions play a major role in client’s recovery process, along with attendance of AA/NA meetings.

i_ip_family-education Family Education Workshops

Family members are strongly encouraged to attend the Colonial House Family Program. Topics include addiction, anger, family roles, relapse process, home contracts and codependency. There are counselors on duty to meet the needs or concerns the family may have. These workshops are not attended by the clients. This allows the loved ones the freedom to openly share their questions and concerns.

i_ip_spirituality Spirituality

Attendance at 12 step meetings are mandatory. We believe that while attending 12 step meetings the clients can explore a relationship with a Higher Power of their understanding.

i_ip_life-skills Life Skills Training

Clients are given the opportunity to develop and explore personal development skills to aid in the reintegration into the community which is also part of the psycho-educational groups.

Topics Addressed:

  • Coping Skills
  • Anger Management
  • Self Esteem
  • Exercise/Health & Wellness
  • Job Research/Resumes
  • Relaxation/Stress Management
  • Social Skills

i_ip_work-therapy Work Therapy

Each client is assigned projects aiding in the general upkeep of the facility. This is an excellent tool to promote responsibility on a personal and/or team level.